What You Can Do

There’s a lot you can do to reduce hepatitis infection in Delaware. We can all be part of the solution!


Health care providers, if you have not done so already, become a tester. Positive Hepatitis C tests are required to be reported. Call the hepatitis program at 302-744-1050 to report and fill out a reportable disease form.


Health care providers, be ready to treat hepatitis. Information about hepatitis in Delaware and current best practice is available from the hepatitis program at 302-744-1050 and in the resource library found on this site.


Don’t be silent. Learn and share the facts about hepatitis with your friends, family and community. Encourage people to get vaccinated, GET TESTED and GET TREATED. Help them know and reduce their risks.

Join the HEP-Aware Coalition

The HEP-Aware Coalition promotes hepatitis C prevention, testing, and treatment throughout Delaware. The Coalition ensures continuation and coordination of Hepatitis C prevention through new opportunities that support and place resources within the community. The Coalition engages organizations in high risk areas with interventions known to increase testing and treatment for Hepatitis C.

How to Join

You can be a part of the HEP-Aware Coalition.  To start, come to a meeting.  The HEP-Aware Coalition meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM.  The HEP-Aware Coalition meeting rotates between New Castle County (Wilmington) and Kent County (Dover). These meetings are an opportunity to network and collaborate with other hepatitis advocates throughout the state.